Jenny Hadley
Naturopathic Nutrition Advisor

What is Hydrotherm Massage?

I qualified as a masseur in 2000 and have since gone on to train in Naturopathic Nutrition and Hydrotherm massage.

Created by British Sports and remedial therapist John Holman, Hydrotherm is an entirely unique form of massage that involves a three-dimensional massage technique. The recipient lies on special warm water cushions that are kept at a constant 37ÂșC promoting a deep and profoundly relaxing sensation of wellbeing.

The client lies face up on the water cushions while I slide my hands under, over and around the clients body in an uninterrupted motion without need for the client to turn over. The cushions and the support under the knees encourages correct spinal alignment. Through water displacement, Hydrotherm allows me to use the clients body weight as the source of pressure, producing a deep and comforting massage technique. The gentle heat of the water helps soothes aches, pains and tension allowing me to work deeply without any discomfort to the client. Each massage is unique to each client incorporating many aspects of different therapies I have learned.

Clients have expressed feeling revitalised and regenerated after experiencing Hydrotherm.

I have been clinically trained for massage during Pregnancy. Hydrotherm offers a unique massage during pregancy allowing the lady to enjoy the comforts of weightlessness supported on the water pilllows and a full body experience that is extremely beneficial to the physiological changes of pregnancy.

ScreenShot20140507at150200Hydrotherm Massage can:

* Relieve stress and aid relaxation

* Increase circulation

* Ease joint and muscle tension

* Relieve back pain

* Promote a sense of wellbeing

* Give an effective treatment in pregnancy


I believe in the quality of organic oils and understand that what we use on our bodies, what we consume and how we look after ourselves will always have a biological affect. The Oils that I use have not been tested on animals but have been certified organic by the Soil Association. The purer the quality of the oil, the stronger the therapeutic and healing effect.



Testimonial by Sam Mayling

"I was very apprehensive before my Hydrotherm massage as I had not had a great experience of massage in the past. Jenny quickly put me at my ease and I was soon relaxed as I lay on my back on the warm water-filled cushions.

It was much more comfortable on my back - with my knees bent and legs supported over another cushion - than the usual position of lying on my front.

First, she assessed my overall posture and possible muscle problems with a gentle rocking motion, and then began massaging my neck, shoulders, arms and back with her hands between me and the cushions.

Organic oils were used in the massage and they left my skin feeling superbly moisturised and smooth. Not a greasy feeling anywhere!

I had a towel over me to keep me warm, and maintain my modesty.

I could have easily drifted off to sleep, thanks to the calming massage and seascape music, but was interested in the concept of the system so nattered to Jenny to find out more.

It has been developed by an expert called John Holman, and is kept as quite an exclusive treatment - so I felt very privileged to have had the experience.

After about an hour (which flew by), I headed home feeling very loose-limbed, chilled out, and more aware of my posture. Hopefully this will encourage me to sit at my desk better, and will have long-term benefits for my bones and muscles."