Jenny Hadley
Naturopathic Nutrition Advisor

Be Healthwise

There are many simple changes that we can all make to our lifestyle and nutrition that can have huge benefits to our current health and significantly reduce the potential for health challenges in the future.


There are so many things that can cause dysfunction in the body by not consuming enough water. Water makes up approximately 60% of our body mass and about 80% of our brain, so it makes sense to ensure that we are consuming enough quality water to sustain quality health. Without it, ultimately, we can not function properly.
Start the day with a large glass of water to wake your organs up and prepare you for the day. Increase your water intake over a week or so, not overnight as your body will need time to adjust. Remember that there is water content in fruits and vegetables so find out your Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) and aim to meet it.
Tea, coffee and alcohol all have a diuretic effect and make you urinate more. For every diuretic drink you have, replenish your body with an equal amount plus a half, to try and avoid dehydrating your body.


Its simple in theory: eat a balanced diet rich in fresh foods and whole foods. In practice it's not as easy. We are a generation bought up with advertisers telling us that it's okay to eat ready meals and processed foods. For some people it's all they have ever known, so planning and managing economics of a fresh diet can seem a daunting task. I am happy to help you with your planning, shopping and even cooking to help you optimise your healthy eating.


As we age, we tend to accumilate tensions in our muscles. A persons tensions and postural habits develop gradually from activites, injuries, accidents and sports and are also shaped by a persons attitude to life. Massage can help soften muscles and increase blood flow, lymphatic, oxygen and nutrient circulation.


Get increases your circulation, carrying water, oxygen and nutrients to your cells. It doesn’t need to be hard core training, just walking and a wiggle can be a great start. We can help you with an exercise plan specifically for you.


If you are taking any medication, please advise me of this with reasons for taking it, with dosage and any side effects you have. Medication will usually bring a quick expected result to help manage a condition, but we need to consider the implications of long term use. A tailored nutritional plan can support the body when taking medication and help to alleviate unwanted symptoms. If you are hoping to come off medication or reduce dosage I will help you work with your Doctor to achieve this. Ultimately only your Doctor can tell you if and when you are able to come off or reduce medication.

Artificial colours and flavouring

Some of these contain hundreds of chemicals but because some are owned formulas, companies do not always have to disclose the ingredients.
Some artificial colours and flavourings have been banned from cosmetics because of connections with allergic reactions, genetic disorders and cancer in lab animals, yet they are still permitted in food.
Tests conducted on individual artificial ingredients which ultimately lead to them being approved for human consumption do not take into account what else they are being mixed with either at product stage or consumption stage. We are potentially making our bodies a chemistry laboratory with every meal we consume.
If you don’t want to become a science experiment make your own foods and avoid anything processed as much as possible.

Sleep and rest

Sleep is the time that our bodies repair and rejuvenate themselves. Sleep aids our mental function and emotional health. The closer you can get to 8 hours sleep the better. If you need some help with sleep, before you reach for the sleeping pills there are many ways to coach the body into achieving better, quality sleep.